Sunday Club 29th March 2020

Hi Sunday Club children and families! This week we are finishing off our theme of parables. 

Talk: (we know the American accent must sound strange but stick with it!)



All - discuss with your families the wondering questions that are asked at the end of the video.

Older children - Why not finish off this month's theme of parables by writing your own? What good message would you like to tell the world? How might you do that?
Younger children - Draw a picture of the good shepherd rescuing a sheep. You could even make it into a collage! 

All - We would love to see your parables and pictures. We could display them all when we are able to meet again. Please ask your parent's permission and send them to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Prayer points: 

To thank God for always rescuing us when we stray away from the right path.

For all the people that are keeping our country going at the moment, such as NHS and care staff, teachers, delivery drivers, shop workers (and anyone else you can think of!)

That people are able to make the most of all the extra time they are spending together.


Song: O Lord My God by Anthem Lights

Keep an eye out for our Ark-style service which we will put on Facebook and send out by email about this time next week!


And let us know if anyone has a birthday in the coming week so we can – government guidelines permitting – help you celebrate ????


With love, 

Sheffield Manor Parish Sunday Club Leaders.


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